Saturday, December 26, 2015

Eclipse CDT, a C++ IDEs on Windows

In addition to VC++, a few open sourced C++ IDEs are also widely used on Windows: Code::Block and Eclipse CDT.

Eclipse CDT is available in Eclipse IDE for C++ Developers or as a plugin in Eclipse. Here is how to set up Eclipse CDT for C++11.
  • Install New Software... in Eclipse IDE for Java Developers            
        (web url:
  • Install a C++ Compiler (e.g., Cygwin including g++ and make)
  • Create New C++ Project
  • In C/C++ Build > Settings > Other Flags Box, append "-std=c++11"
The following is the screenshot of my Eclipse 

Note: RAND_MAX is a macro defined in <cstdlib>. RAND_MAX = 32,767 in VC++, while RAND_MAX = 2,147,483,647 in GNU g++.

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